About Us

Initiated as a side hustle, The Indian Deepfaker is a full-fledged Synthetic Media company, which is now a leading industry expert in creating Hyper-Realistic Content through Deepfake technology.

We do an automagical transformation of a picture or video to convert it into extraordinary experiences. Using the power of AI,
Our technology is used by leading marketing agencies, production companies, and social media powerhouses, globally.

And now we are on a mission to introduce Deepfakes to the Millenials, bring awareness to the masses, and enable full video productions- using just AI.

We help creators make incredible content with the help of artificial intelligence. We do automagical transformation of any picture or video into extraordinary experiences. ​

New way to engage

We create AI Generated content for Social Media to get high engagement and hook the audience. If you want your brand to engage with huge audience. We are here to help you. We create content eye catching AI generated for you brand.

Deepfake technology is quickly becoming one of the hottest tools in the marketing and advertising world. And it's no wonder why – deepfakes allow businesses to create realistic, engaging, and often viral videos that can capture the public's attention like never before.

VFX & Production

Deepfake technology has gaining popularity in VFX, CGI and Film Industry What if we are able to see Documentaries of Prominent Personalities with them playing role in it. With Synthetic Media Technolog actors can be brought back from the dead to star in endless franchises. Other can be replaced entirely, and it can all be done without affecting the bottom line. create Hyper Realistic Facial Reenactment.

Course : 2

Real Time Deepfakes Streaming

( Zoom, whatsapp video calls)

You will learn to create your own Digital Clone and do Real Time face swap on zoom calls, whatsapp video calls. You can also use any other celebrity face to deepfake in real time.

Featured & Clients

Our Hyper Realistic Content has been Featured by many Celebrities and Prominent People and Brands.

Our technology is used by leading marketing agencies, production companies, and social media platforms globally. We are on a mission to enable full video production, using just AI.

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