deepfake artist

Hire a Deepfake Artist

Hire a Deepfake Artist

There are not many good Deepfake Artists who create Hyper Real Deepfake videos.

There are many ways to hire Deepfake Artists:

Freelancing Platforms: ( Upwork, FIverr ). You can look up these websites for Deepfake artists though there are very few.

Instagram: search with #hashtag #deepfake and #deepfakes on instagram and look up for instagram pages funnel them down with those who have created good videos and contact them on the platform.

Youtube : Search on youtube and look up in search, with keywords deepfakes , deepfake videos.

or you can Hire us for Deepfake Services

The Indian Deepfaker

Get yourself Hyper Realistic Deepfakes.We are India’s largest Synthetic / Deepfake Technology Teaching Platform.

You may check our quality as well, we create best deepfake content and also Offer courses on Deepfake Technology. Like Head Swap, Lip Synchronisation, voice cloning, Real Time Deepfakes.

Below is are the sample videos

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The Indian Deepfaker

Before Hiring any Deepfake expert, Keep these points in mind:

Pre Requisites for Deepfake Destination Video Video : Two files are needed to start the deepfake process which is provided by the client.

a). Source Video : This is the video data of the face which you want to superimpose on the target video The quality of the final result depend mostly on the quality of the source video. So make sure you get this file with different face angles, facial expressions and lightning.

b.) Destination Video : This is the Target video at which you want the face to be superimposed.

Know exactly what you need: before hiring a deepfake artist know exactly what it is you need from them. This should be as clear as possible so you can communicate your needs effectively.

Screen the candidate: before spending a lot of money on a freelancer, screen them first. Do they understand what you need, and have they done similar jobs in the past?

Test the candidate’s skills: make sure the candidate has the skills you need. The best way to check is by providing them with a small test to demonstrate their skills.

Get to know the candidate: send a few messages back and forth to get a feel for the candidate’s personality. Make sure you’re a good fit before hiring.

Agree to a trial job: set up a paid trial job for the candidate to see how they do with a small task. This can save you money in the long run by weeding out unsuitable candidates.

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