“DeepFakes Unmasked: Blessing or Curse of AI?”

Recent events in India, notably involving a DeepFake video of Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandana and a misconceived video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have brought DeepFake technology into the national spotlight. These incidents have catalyzed a significant discussion about the capabilities and ethical considerations of this evolving technology. What is DeepFake Technology? DeepFake technology refers …

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Deepfakes: The Future Of Brand Marketing

With the change in time comes a change in brand marketing. Advancement in technology has led people to express their feelings more effectively. When talking about technology, Artificial Intelligence plays the top most important role in curating the marketing industry. It has become so pervasive that every marketer is trying to use AI to market …

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Hire a Deepfake Artist

Hire a Deepfake Artist There are not many good Deepfake Artists who create Hyper Real Deepfake videos. There are many ways to hire Deepfake Artists: Freelancing Platforms: ( Upwork, FIverr ). You can look up these websites for Deepfake artists though there are very few. Instagram: search with #hashtag #deepfake and #deepfakes on instagram and …

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