Positive & Practical use cases of DEEPFAKES

Positive and Practical applications of Deepfakes.

The Indian Deepfaker
No doubt, Deepfake is one of the remarkable wonders of technology of recent times. And for a startup like TID branch of Polymath Synthetic Media Solutions, it predominantly makes the personalized Deepfake (AI generated content) media.

It majorly serves the right way for notable names in advertising agencies, brands, business, marketers, production houses for the obvious reasons. That’s why top-notch companies and production houses/ advertisement agencies lean on TID to make the enticing yet realistic avatars of many celebrities and executives, for commercial sake.

What is Deepfake technology?

what is a deepfake

In simple words, Deepfake is a technology that easily lets you make and create the realistic-looking digital avatar of any real person. Mostly the Deepfake technology is used to make a celebrity’s faceswap and for Entertainment; However Deepfake technology has gained popularity in VFX and FIlm Industry too and is changing the Face of Film Industry.

The best example of Deepfake as a tool that shows the potential in mainstream film is this recreation of a famous T2: Judgement Day scene in which the titular Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been replaced by Sanjay Dutt (Indian Bollywood Actor).

Deepfake | Sanjay Dutt as Arnold | Terminator

 It is almost as if you are watching the film in an alternate timeline.


Positive Use Cases of Deepfakes:

  ✔ How much money would have been saved in the production of All the Money in the World had they been able to use Deepfake to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer?

✔ How much more Paul Walker could we have seen in the Fast and the Furious franchise after his death?

✔ Not only can any actor be replaced in any past film, but films can be planned and produced in the future with the intention of replacing the actor.

✔ Imagine a new movie experience, one in which the film was shot and edited with any unknown actor, but you, the viewer, can choose later who you want to star in the movie.

✔ Choosing from a selection of actors who have all had their likeness tirelessly analyzed and recreated using machine learning, you can have a unique theater experience in which any one at all can be digitally placed into the film,

✔why not even watch yourself as the star of the movie?

✔ Actors can be brought back from the dead to star in endless franchises. Other can be replaced entirely, and it can all be done without affecting the bottom line.

✔ That facet is affordable to get things done. Certainly, hiring actors or models to act, the cost of filming, taking care of the crew members, luxury and expensive equipment, post-production matters, brands and everything add a big chunk of money and effort to the final results.

And that’s exactly what Deepfake does, on a lesser budget. So many bands prefer to opt for the so-called realistic AI-generated Synthetic Content. Marketers and companies use the no-code platforms in intent to personalized sales and that provides the viewers with the kind of emotional connection towards the celebrity advertisement.


TID is one of the leading media companies with clients such as New York University, Shine TV Network (UK) – (Hunted TV Reality Show), HIGINGO (UK), IIM Ahmedabad, Hyderabad School of Business, Glance, WPP etc.

What does TID say about Deepfake?

TID (The Indian Deepfaker) branch of Polymath Synthetic Media Solutions started as a side hustle. The Indian Deepfaker is a comprehensive Synthetic Media company that is top-of-the-line in making hyper-realistic content and AI-generated videos using the Deepfake technology.

At TID, we use the AI- powered auto-magical transformation of the media be it picture or video to get the desired results using the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Certainly, due to pro work and in-demand technology approach, we offer our services to many marketing agencies, production companies, and social media powerhouses, worldwide.

 TID is now looking forward to introducing Deepfake to the millennials to allow awareness and for fuller video production, also Provide Courses for learning Deepfake Technology using Artificial Intelligence.

The founder of TID parent body, Polymath Synthetic Media Solutions, Divyendra Singh Jadoun said that the technology can be used educational purpose and also said:

“Imagine sitting in a physics class and watching Einstein delivering a lecture on the theory of relativity,”

Industries using Deepfake services provided by The Indian Deepfaker


From an education and learning point of view, Deepfake has its service commendable. It helps the students to get through and model lucid understanding of the subject while keeping things less complex. The visual format and AI-generated figures and diagrams helps in comprehensive learning and keeps things super enticing.


Deepfake technology helps in entertainment with an easy approach. Many agencies and marketers trust its performance. Putting yourself or replacing the face to be a superhero is now possible in real-time. TID assures you to get your favorite character on board. You can choose the package you want get the product accordingly.

Production Houses

No doubt how Deepfake is serving the right way to the production houses. The technology is overpowering and the VFX, and CGI response is remarkable. For that Synthetic Media Technology the approach to getting actors and models on board becomes more seamless. You can easily replace the model using the technology while keeping the legalities highlighted.

Mimicry Artists

Additionally, to keep the fun level elevated, TIP also offers the stupendous mimicry service. For audience and eager viewers the mimicry performances followed by the Deepfake AI-generated videos double-up the fantasy and fun.  Certainly, impersonator or mimicry artists also get the limelight as the impersonator Miles Fisher got by making the Deep Fake version of Tom Cruise

Creators and Celebrities

Deepfake is one of the wonderful approaches marketers and agencies have for replacing actors and celebrities, seamlessly. The computerized faces or the clone of the “stars’ ‘ plays the same part, yet fabricated. It helps in maximized popularity and vigorous outreach.

Social Media Content

Another popular service by TID is Deepfake for social media content. The powerful and overwhelming response through social media is unavoidable. TID has initiated and created AI-generated content for social media that boost up embankment for the audience. So, if you are recently looking for a brand that makes creative Deepfake for your social media audience, TID has got you covered. It greatly helps in taking influencer marketing!

Other Services by TID


  • Face Swap/Head Swap
    You will get a custom Hyper Realistic Deepfake Video with Head swap or Face swap.
  • Lip Synchronisation
    You will get a Lip Synchronisation Video where we sync the lip movements to the audio for realistic movements using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Become a Deepfake Expert
    In our Course you will Learn about Deepfakes & you will be able to create Hyper Realistic Deepfake Videos.


We are India’s largest Synthetic Media/ Deepfakes Tech Learning Platform.


We offer best courses for Hyper Real Deepfakes creation step by step in a very easy way. We teach Full Head Swap and Face Swap Deepfakes Creation


We offer course for Creating Deepfakes is Real Time for PC Streaming or Zoom Calls. 


We provide course for Lip Synchronisation where we can lip-sync a given video with any given audio.


We provide course for cloning any voice.

All in all, Deepfake is the one leading technology that is no less than a benchmark for advertising and media agencies. To keep things harmless, agencies such as The Indian Deepfaker have to fulfill the legal and ethical parameters

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